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What happens when you mix academia and the nonprofit sector with a few ornery Green Berets and a humanitarian crisis?

In conjunction with Occidental College and the Moral Compass Federation, the Education Underground repurposes life cycled computers --primarily donated from Los Angeles Area colleges-- for use by those recently immigrated from Afghanistan.

While we delivered 22 computers to Afghan immigrants in 2022, the successes of our main efforts delayed the expansion of this "spin-off". To keep the music going, we are currently incorporating volunteers, as well as students and faculty from Occidental College into this project.

If you wish to donate a serviceable electronic device, please ensure it has been factory reset and ship it to: 

1208 Foundation 

PO BOX 50274

Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Malek Moazzam-Doulat

 Education Underground Director

Having himself escaped a tyrannical regime when his family fled Iran, Dr. Malek Moazzam-Doulat is a professor in the Critical Theory & Social Justice Department at Occidental College in Los Angeles.


His most recent work is on the issues of climate migration, refugees, exile and diaspora, and continues to work in politics and advocacy, especially on issues affecting the Muslim communities of Southern California.


He is on the Board of the ACLU of Southern California and a Senior Fellow at the Muslim Public Affairs Council. He was previously a policy analyst and organizer for the ACLU of Southern California.

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