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  • Thomas Kasza

1208 Foundation's Advocacy and Afghanistan Evacuation Efforts in 2023: A Year in Review

Hello again, everyone, and Happy New Year!

The year 2023 has been a landmark year for the 1208 Foundation, marked by significant achievements and relentless advocacy. We began the year with a feature in the New York Times, setting the tone for a year of impactful work and visibility.

A Year of Advocacy and Impact

Our theme for 2023 was "Advocacy," which took us on a nationwide tour with leaders of the Afghan United Front, a resistance movement striving to restore constitutional order in Afghanistan. This tour included prestigious stops at Harvard, Stanford, the World Affairs Council, and a meeting with Chairman McCaul of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Highlighting our role as a veteran NGO deeply invested in Afghanistan, we hosted a significant event on August 15 to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the fall of Kabul, featuring speakers from various Afghan resistance groups.

Evacuation: Our Core Mission

Family together

Amid our advocacy efforts, our primary mission remained the evacuation of individuals from Afghanistan. In 2023, we successfully helped 125 people begin new lives in the United States, freeing families from the persecution of the Taliban. This success story includes families like Leyaqat's and Habib's, whose lives have been transformed thanks to the network of volunteers and supporters integral to our operations as a veteran nonprofit. However, the challenge continues as we have over 800 people still awaiting evacuation.

The Critical Year Ahead

2024 brings with it an added sense of urgency. We recognize that this year could be our last best chance to relocate a significant number of our allies to the US. Our need for Afghan donations and support remains as critical as ever. As a veteran NGO, we're committed to fighting for those who have risked everything alongside US forces, including special forces and Green Berets.

Challenging the Status Quo

Our year began with a critique of the US State Department's inaction, and our resolve to challenge the 'Goliaths' of the world has only grown stronger. We're gearing up to intensify these efforts in the coming weeks, continuing our tradition of bold and impactful advocacy.

As we step into the New Year, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters. Your contributions, whether as donations, volunteers, or advocates, have been invaluable. Happy New Year, and as always, stay tuned for more updates on our mission to support Afghanistan's veterans and NGOs.

Thomas Kasza

Executive Director,

1208 Foundation



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