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  • Thomas Kasza

August: Reflecting on the Afghanistan Withdrawal efforts and Looking Ahead

It's August, and we at 1208 Foundation find ourselves nearly two years past the significant and tumultuous event of the Afghanistan withdrawal. This period marked a profound shift, not just for Afghanistan but for the global community, including countless American veterans and civilians. It was a pivot point, transforming a dire humanitarian crisis into a catalyst for action and empathy.

The Fall of Kabul: Two Years On

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the fall of Kabul, our thoughts are complex. It's a time for reflection, certainly, but also for forward-thinking. Our upcoming event at Georgetown on August 15th, coinciding with this somber anniversary, is not just a commemoration. It's a platform for progress, where key voices in the Afghanistan NGO community and influential figures will discuss the nation's future. Expect in-depth insights and strategic discussions, with a level of media coverage that amplifies our message well beyond the confines of Washington DC.

Join Us for a Night of Insight and Inspiration

The evening will commence at 6:30 EST and will be live-streamed on Twitter and YouTube. Those attending in person can join us at 5:30 for the exclusive screening of "More than Brothers", a documentary detailing the tireless efforts of the 1208 Foundation since the Afghanistan withdrawal. This film not only highlights the plight but also the resilience and hope that define the Afghan people.

Continuous Efforts on Capitol Hill: Supporting the EVAC Act

Our advocacy extends to Capitol Hill, where we're actively supporting the EVAC Act. This legislation, while a modest step, keeps the conversation about Afghanistan alive, highlighting the critical need for Afghan donations and support. Our commitment as a veteran NGO is unwavering, and we continue to work with special forces veterans, Green Berets, and other dedicated individuals to make tangible differences.

Family in DC

Ongoing Evacuation Efforts and Adaptation Stories

Our evacuation efforts are ongoing, despite challenges. July saw us helping three families relocate to the US, including Leyaqat and his son Abdullah, whose journey from a safehouse in Pakistan to adapting to a new life here is nothing short of inspiring. These stories underscore the importance of veteran nonprofit organizations in providing not just immediate relief but also long-term support.

Looking Forward

As we navigate the complexities of post-withdrawal support and collaboration with Afghanistan NGOs, our focus remains on creating meaningful change and offering substantial assistance. We invite you to stay engaged, contribute to Afghan donation efforts, and be a part of this crucial journey.

Until next time,


Thomas Kasza

Executive Director



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