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  • Thomas Kasza

Advancing Post-Withdrawal: 1208 Foundation's Renewed Efforts in Afghanistan

Muslim Family

Hello again everyone!

It's been a while since my last update, and I'm thrilled to reconnect with our community. While we've been quiet, our team at 1208 Foundation has been incredibly active, especially in light of the ongoing challenges following the Afghanistan withdrawal.

A Landmark Event in Georgetown

Our recent event in Georgetown was a testament to the resilience and solidarity that defines our work. Bringing together Afghans, veterans, and volunteers from diverse backgrounds, we created a platform for meaningful dialogue and shared experiences. For those who couldn't join us, we've uploaded the full event and select excerpts on our YouTube Channel. This gathering not only highlighted the critical role of Afghanistan NGOs in ongoing efforts but also showcased the powerful stories of those affected by recent events.

Operational Updates and Personal Success Stories

On the operations front, we've faced some challenges, particularly with flight restrictions impacting our evacuation efforts. However, I'm pleased to report that we are now fully operational again! In the coming weeks, we're expecting three families to immigrate to the US. This follows the successful relocation of "Mohammad" and his family to Washington State, a personal victory for our team and a shining example of the bravery and sacrifice of our Afghan allies.

Mohammad's story is particularly poignant. During a 2018 operation in Western Afghanistan, he saved the life of Dave, 1208’s Deputy Director, and several Green Berets by preventing Dave from stepping on an IED. His actions not only highlight the courage and dedication of those we work with but also the interconnected fates of Afghan citizens and American veterans.

Innovating in Humanitarian Operations

We're excited about a new initiative: a consortium bridging our NGO ecosystem with the private sector. This innovative approach recognizes that while large multinational aid organizations face restrictions under the Taliban, smaller "micro-NGOs" like ours operate with more freedom. This consortium aims to enhance collaboration between these organizations, driving innovation in decentralized humanitarian operations. We believe that by combining the strengths of veteran nonprofits, Afghan donation initiatives, and private sector resources, we can significantly amplify our impact.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

There's much more in the pipeline, and we're eager to share these developments as they unfold. Disruption and innovation are specialties of 1208, and we're committed to leveraging these to enhance our humanitarian missions. We encourage you to support our efforts, whether through direct contributions to Afghan donations or by spreading the word about our work.

Your support makes a difference not just in individual lives but in shaping a brighter future for those affected by the Afghanistan withdrawal. Together, with the combined efforts of veteran NGOs, special forces veterans, and compassionate individuals, we can create lasting change.

Until next time,

Thomas Kasza

Executive Director



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